i wanted to draw myself an icon for one of my blogs but now i dont think im going to use it. still, have an allen! i tried a new style for scars and while it doesnt work as well with larger scars i still sort of like it

give me a kanda that smokes and i am yours forever

(actually ended up lazily colouring this uvu)

im too lazy to colour this right now ;u;


finally got around to doodling with that mannequin thing i bought and im still getting the hang of it but this thing is a godsend (also my new pens are brilliant i love)

puts this on my art blog because i have nothing else to show for myself

got some new pens the other day, i dont think i like the pink one very much and the blue is hard to ink over but theyre all pretty fun to use

figured it was about time to do another one of these

i like how this one came out so im putting it on my art blog, one of those palette meme things that are going around

kanda probably wasn’t the best choice for a facial study, he has like three expressions and all of them mean you’re going to die

felt really sick last night so of course i drew artie and then i decided to try out some new colouring styles with it

finished dantes tattoo his is a lot simpler

artemis’ tattoos done i got kind of lazy with his left hand but heyy whatever at least they actually kind of look like tattoos

this has been sitting in my wip folder for like a million years and i dont have the heart to actually finish it so just take it

from chapter 193

bird kanda is really all that matters to me tbh

new sidebar for my main blog wheee