my half demon child

shoutout to rosalyn for inspiring me to draw lenalee more often i really should

this is going to look completely different when i finish it so i figured id whack some greys on it and upload this seperately

im not sure if im ever going to colour this i just rly like the pencil tool for i am but a simple man who still marvels at the wonder that is pen pressure sensitivity

I'll finish that anon's ask for them! ummm ur art is hella rad and that poc lavi you drew deserves a gold star

omg thank you i love poc lavi ;u;


yes? :o

eyepatch buddies!


im kidding this is going to be my halloween icon cant stop wont stop (included a transparent version)

my aesthetic

"Who is it…?"

this was supposed to be a test for inking comic panels but it turned out really lame and took a million years i might have to find another style of doing it, but!! kind of a sneak peek at future chapters of dfhufh can u guess who the voice is (thank you loop for your advice!)

give me a kanda that smokes and i am yours forever

(actually ended up lazily colouring this uvu)

im too lazy to colour this right now ;u;


finally got around to doodling with that mannequin thing i bought and im still getting the hang of it but this thing is a godsend (also my new pens are brilliant i love)

puts this on my art blog because i have nothing else to show for myself

got some new pens the other day, i dont think i like the pink one very much and the blue is hard to ink over but theyre all pretty fun to use